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    Industry Graduates partners with employers to provide commercial learning and development programs and recruitment strategies.

    We partner with employers to commercialise the "people" areas of your business. Industry graduates can be engaged to create a strategic plan or provide a full professional development pathway for your staff.

    We believe all employers (regardless of size) should have a strategic plan when it comes to staff attraction and retention. In a competitive market for the best talent, employees expect a professional development program as part of their employment.

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    Recruitment and learning and development should not be seen as a cost but rather an investment. Commercialisation of these areas requires analysis of the return on investment as well as other strategic plans to save costs and improve productivity. Industry Graduates assists employers through the commercialisation process by creating strategies addressing the below;


    ο What is your workforce planning strategy?

    ο What is the total recruitment budget?

    ο What % of that budget is spent on recruitment marketing and advertising compared operations (recruiters and recruitment software)? 

    ο Do you operate a direct recruitment model, an RPO, an outsourced model or a mix of all of these?

    ο What is the recruitment branding strategy with respect to attracting new employees?



    What is your learning and development strategy?

    Is the current training providing a positive return on investment if so what is it?

    If current training return on investment is not being measured how is success determined?

    How does the current learning and development initiatives support organisational objectives?

    Does training follow career progression or utilised to determine career progression?

    Group Training Organisation (QLD)

    GTO’s employ & train trainees and apprentices and place these trainees into “Host Employers” for their practical work components of their qualification. Industry Graduates is pleased to partner with Affinity Education Group (AEG) in the EarlyChildhood Education and Care industry.

    Industry Graduates employs a number of trainees studying Certificate III or Diploma qualifications in the ECEC industry. Affinity Education Group is Industry Graduate's preferred Host Employer in the ECEC Industry.


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    Industry Graduates also offers a full suite of training options to help you make that next big career move


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