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    Recruitment Programs


    ο Implement a train first / recruit second model

    ο Increase your talent pool by seeing more candidates and removing automated rejection processes

    ο Reduce staff turnover

    ο New staff will experience firsthand what the actual job includes

    ο Increased Brand exposure

    ο Commercialisation of internal Recruitment division

    ο Faster transition from vacancy to placement as there is a constant "on ice" pool of candidates

    ο Improve brand perception through a transparent view of the company and connection with customers

    ο Ability to be involved in the development and training of future industry employees


    Professional Development

    industry and employer lead development

    ο Development is industry and employer lead

    ο Training focus is the acquisition of workplace skills 

    ο Holistic approach to professional development including 5 key areas of development

    ο Provide your staff with a clear professional development pathway

    ο Create your own employer branded Academy 

    ο Potential to be endorsed as an Industry Training Organisation 

    ο Industry Graduates can refer Registered Training Organisations for programs as required


    Our difference

    The key to choosing the right career pathway is about much more than the selection of a training provider.  

    At Industry Graduates, we believe the true value of any training is how often it leads to a successful outcome.

    We believe that industry-based training opens up opportunities for successful outcomes. Industry Graduates combine the best of online training and facilitated industry training, to deliver maximum value. 

    At Industry Graduates we believe the true value of any training course is how often it leads to the acquisition of a new skill to further your career.

    The key aspects of the Industry Graduates model are;

    ο Industry training, specifically on the job practical experience is the most valuable vocational training.

    ο Employers are involved in every aspect of our training. 

    ο We believe professional development is paramount for employee retention & career progression. 

    ο Professional development is focused on employer specific needs, incorporating practical, technical skills and job relevant higher level skills.

    Industry Training Organisation endorsement

    As an endorsed consultant, Industry Graduates are passionate about challenging traditional recruitment and training models.

    Do you believe accredited and non-accredited training should be delivered by industry employers? Do you believe this will ensure best possible training and link to employment / promotion?

    If you would like to be an approved Industry Training Organisation contact Industry Graduates today and we can discuss your recruitment and training strategies.

    COMMITTED TO quality & satisfaction

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