IG Talent

The Industry Graduates Talent division produces outcomes for learners, job seekers and employers. We focus on industry best practice workplace learning environments and offering employment outcomes.

The IG Talent division works with employers to create pre-employment solutions to produce outcomes for all learners and job seekers. The program caters for those seeking to learn a little more about an industry through to those looking for immediate recruitment. Industry Graduates only partners with employers passionate about developing their industry and providing a recruitment process focussed on allowing learners and job seekers demonstrate ability, rather than just rely on a resume.

Program benefits

  • Industry experience and employment outcomes are the focus
  • Employment outcomes align with workplace competency, which can be immediate or once skills have been demonstrated
  • There are multiple stages to the recruitment process, which better reflects job seeker and employer requirements
  • Learners and job seekers are not rejected by employers, they remain in the employment pipeline as long as it takes to secure employment or demonstrate the workplace competency required
  • Industry Graduates only enters partnerships with employers and Registered Training Organisations who value workplace development leading to employment outcomes

How does it work?

Workplace Experience Program

It is impossible to understand an industry or gain employment without engaging an employer. The Workplace Experience Program is an introductory level program connecting learners and job seekers with industry employers. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as demonstrate workplace skills and employment fit. Learn more about the program and how it benefits learners and job seekers.

Industry Graduates Endorsed Qualification Pathway

Industry Graduates only endorses Registered Training Organisations (RTO) who focus on workplace development, assessment and competency. Industry Graduates employer partners are involved in supporting learner development with the view to offering potential employment either during or after qualification completion. Learn more about how it works. 

Join the Industry Employer’s Casual Pool

Industry Graduates talent division supports our employer partners through our qualified casual pool. Learners and job seekers who either have or are working on their workplace skills can join the casual pool. Once registered in our casual pool, employer partners will be able to connect and send through casual employment offers. Learn more about how it works. 

Industry Graduates Traineeship Opportunities

Industry Graduates is a registered Group Training Organisation and will be offering learners and job seekers the opportunity to complete a traineeship and begin your employment with one of our host employer partners. Learn more about how it works. 

Employment with our employer partners

The goal of the Industry Graduates Career Pathways program is to connect and transition learners and job seekers into employment. At all stages through the pathway, employer partners are encouraged to offer ongoing employment to learners and job seekers.

Interested in our Pre-employment Pathway?

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