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Take your tourism and hospitality career to new places

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are endless. Industry sectors include accommodation, food and beverage, travel, tourism, events, sports and recreation. Tourism and Hospitality careers offer a fun and challenging work environment and make it possible to travel and work in cities around the country and world. Foundation studies including Certificates and Diplomas are a great way to develop many of the transferable skills and personal qualities required for working in such a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Unlike many industries that demand years of work experience for entry level positions, the Tourism and Hospitality industry offers a wide range of career options for individuals with the proper training. As Employers in the sector often value a strong work ethic, a dedication to quality customer service and an outgoing personality over years of experience, the hospitality industry is brimming with opportunities for new and enthusiastic graduates. Many people also opt to continue their education with a Bachelor of Business to further develop their industry knowledge and strategic business skills to move into leadership and management positions.

Pathways & Outcomes

  • Work at a Restaurant, Hotel or Resort, Tourism Company or Operator (Air/Land/Sea) or Travel Agency
  • Work in a business environment as an Associate or Manager at a Travel Agency, Travel Industry Wholesaler or Customer Contact Centre
  • Become Certificate & Diploma Qualified
  • Continue your education with a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

Industry Graduates offers a full suite of training options to help you make your next big career move in tourism and hospitality.

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