Labour Hire

Industry Graduates Talent

Supporting our employer partners through our qualified casuals

The Industry Graduates Talent division works alongside internal recruitment divisions to provide the entire business with an integrated direct hire and vocational training solution.

We facilitate a talent pool made up of trainees, apprentices and casuals at various stages of career development that our employer partners can access.

How does it work?
  • Our employer partners have access to tap into our talent pool of highly engaged, motivated and dynamic candidates. We take the hard work out of recruiting for you.
  • Our candidates have all been hand selected, following a robust recruitment and onboarding process.
  • Learners and job seekers who either have or are working on their workplace skills can join the casual pool.
  • Once registered in our casual pool, employer partners will have full access to our candidates for casual employment offers. It is the best way to find the prefect match for you, either in a continued casual capacity or for permanent employment.

Our strategy for success - train first, recruit second

Entry-level hiring coupled with employer led career development and training has been proven as a great strategy for many of our clients. Industry Graduates Talent work in partnership with employers to develop sustainable talent acquisition plans that focus on entry-level hiring, training, development and retention. Our talent pool is another way for employers to gain access to a larger candidate pool, finding candidates to employ in a continuous casual capacity or permanently.

Want to hear more?

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