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The bicycle industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Bicycles are quickly becoming the go to transportation choice for commuting, fitness and recreation. They are cheap to run, keep you fit and a very practical form of transportation. Furthermore, the rapid growth of Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) is captivating the world and producing a new generation of road, trail and eco-friendly cycling enthusiasts. The modern design and advanced technology of E-Bikes plus traditional pedal bicycles has become very intricate and technical, which means the Bicycle Mechanic/Technician role is more critical than ever. Taking your bike in for a service is the same as taking your car or motorcycle in for its regular service. This ensures a bright future and a diverse range of career pathways for anyone seeking to work in this dynamic, fast-paced industry.

Pathways & Outcomes

In the past the majority of bicycle mechanics in Australia started out working in a store workshop and learnt on the job from an experienced mechanic. In fact prior to 2020, very few bicycle mechanics completed a ‘formal’ qualification, which is not uncommon in certain vocational industries.

More recently the Bicycle Industry and the Australian Government has seen a bicycle mechanic apprenticeship or certified training as a great alternative for those school-leavers seeking a hands-on type role similar to that of a car, truck or motorcycle mechanic.

Currently there are two career pathways available for bicycle mechanics. These are:

Cytech Certified Training

Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians. In Australia, it is delivered in partnership with a selection of industry organisations, trainers and retailers, as Cytech Australia.

Since 1990, over 16,000 Cytech training courses and qualifications have been delivered to candidates across the world, including staff at some of the industry’s leading bicycle distributors.

Cytech courses cover the basics of cycle mechanics right through to dealing with the most advanced and high-tech components and parts.


Our Industry Partner 99 Bikes is the only Bicycle retail business in Australia licensed to deliver Cytech certified training. So, starting with a job at 99 Bikes as a novice mechanic, sales consultant or casual bike builder, can lead to you selecting a mechanic career in one of their 55 + workshops around Australia. You will earn your globally recognised Cytech training master technician status, while working for the largest Bicycle retailer in Australia & New Zealand.

Certificate III in Bicycle Workshop Operations

The Certificate III is the Australian qualification accredited under the Vocational Education & Training pathway. Students complete the qualification at a registered training organisation, such as TAFE, and then seek to find a job and pursue a career in the industry. The Certificate III in Bicycle Workshop Operations enables you to be a qualified bicycle repair technician or bicycle mechanic.

Some Employers, like 99 Bikes or other independent bicycle retailers, may be able to offer an Apprenticeship under this qualification, as they may have a partnership with a Registered Training Organisation that has the Certificate III as part of their curriculum.

What skills do you need as a Bike Mechanic?

Experienced Bicycle Mechanics are highly valued and historically most bicycle mechanics have developed their skills on the or working on their own bikes. However, there are professionally, certified pathways available for Bicycle Mechanics that can commence from an early age and develop into a fully certified Master Bicycle Technician. Generally speaking, to love and be successful in a career as a bicycle mechanic you:

  • Are more inclined to be mechanically minded and enjoy working with your hands.
  • Believe the formula for the number of bikes you should own is, N = N +1, where N is the number of bikes your currently own.
  • Are very focused and have an extreme attention to detail.
  • Are not perfect, but you always like your work to be. Perfection and mastery are an obsession.
  • Prefer the company of others. You like to work in a team and are also comfortable in a retail environment interacting with customer.

Partner Spotlight:

99 Bikes 

99 Bikes is Australia’s largest bicycle retailer with over 300 staff and over 50 stores in six states and now two countries. They are a fast growing business who's 2035 vision is to have 185 stores in 5 countries, making them the largest group of bike shops in the world.

In 2021, 99 Bikes partnered with Industry Graduates to launch the 99 Bikes Bicycle Mechanic Training Academy nationwide. The Academy offers career opportunities for individuals interested in Bicycle Mechanics to work as part of a team to service, repair and build bikes to a high quality standard.

Few business sectors are changing as rapidly, or as profitably, as the Bicycle Retail and Repair industry. Revenue in the Bicycle Retailing and Repair industry is expected to increase by 3.2% in 2020-21 (IBISWorld 2020). The COVID-19 outbreak and the associated social distancing restrictions have led to more Australians taking up cycling as a safer mode of transport, raising sales of new bicycles. People are also integrating cycling into their daily routine to counter the effects of relatively sedentary lifestyles during the lockdown periods. Learn more.

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